Cookies Policy

The cookies

At SETIAE, we use cookies: a text file that is downloaded to your device when you visit our website. This text file allows us to trace your navigation anonymously. We use the cookies system in order to improve the user experience.

Cookies are useful in order to provide anonymous statistics about our website traffic and in order to know how users interact with our interface.

At SETIAE, we want to provide our users with the best experience and we work in order to constantly improve the functionalities of our web services.

Purpose of our cookies system

The cookies allow us:

  • To provide a working and usable application allows to create and to moderate questions, to create and to moderate exams and MCQ questionnaires, to take MQC challenges, according to the requirements specification

The third party cookies

Our application use the Authentication Service of LinkedIn which allows any LinkedIn account owner to access our platform by using the LinkedIn user account.

This service download some cookies in user’s device in order to inform LinkedIn that he authorised a connection via his account and that he visited our website.

This functionality is essential for the proper working of the application nevertheless it needs user authorisation in order to be effective.

By clicking on the LinkedIn Connect Button, at the login page, user authorises us to download and use cookies.

Please note that any refusal of the LinkedIn connection prevents the user from using the application.

Cookies Preferences

You can configure your cookies preferences or possibly withdraw your consent from use them via your favourite web browser settings.

You can configure your browser settings in order to accept, refuse and delete all cookies or some of them.

Please note that any withdrawal of consent from using cookies can restrict some functionalities of our web service: in fact, a refusal prevents the user from using the application.

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